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If you have ever been interested in cannabis self-cultivation but have never known how to plant cannabis seeds, ” how to grow marijuana ,” this complete guide to how to plant marijuana, is your solution.

The first step you should take is to read the glossary of marijuana cultivation terms to control the meanings of the main words used in marijuana crops.

Learn how to plant marijuana of any kind. Depending on the type of marijuana seed that is grown, you will need specific conditions for the marijuana plant to grow properly.

Throughout this guide to know how to grow marijuana, learn the indoor cultivation step by step, the outdoor cultivation, and the products necessary to achieve our goal.

Before Starting The Cultivation Of Marijuana

Before starting with the cultivation of marijuana you should learn how to grow marijuana. This guide is not written in order to encourage cannabis use. It is aimed at adults. The guide of how to grow marijuana is a way of learning for those who do not know how to become self-cultivators of marijuana legally.

If you are a cannabis user in any of its variants (vaporized, smoked, as another ingredient in your kitchen, etc.), plant your own marijuana and benefit, not just consume something grown with your own hands. The marijuana that grows by itself becomes the best in the world.

In the section before beginning the cultivation of marijuana you will find everything you need to start growing, from choosing the perfect room for the best indoor cultivation to the type of cultivation cabinet that we recommend according to the type of marijuana seeds chosen.

During The Cultivation Of Marijuana

Once we have prepared everything you need to start growing indoors or auto-flowering, it’s time to start growing weed.

Do you know how to plant marijuana? Learn how you can select the best marijuana seeds and how to germinate marijuana seeds, to differentiate between male or female marijuana plants, how to clone marijuana cuttings or how to make marijuana cuttings.

Indoor marijuana cultivation has gained popularity as technologies have improved. But there is the catch: indoor cultivation requires a lot of equipment. And all this equipment needs constant attention. Unless you spend a lot of money on an automated system, irrigation and artificial lights require your presence to manipulate them. On the other hand, outside, you have no control over the sun or rain, but both will continue to exist whatever you do.

In addition to the obvious materials necessary for outdoor cultivation, it is absolutely essential that you have passion. With passion, there will be nothing you can’t get, nor any mistakes can’t you solve.

Choose The Right Variety

When choosing the seeds for outdoor cultivation, you have to look beyond the desired type of high. There are many other factors to consider. Some seeds grow better in certain environments than others. Choosing the most suitable variety can make the difference between getting a good harvest or not.

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